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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

all india md/ms (aippg) branch selection dilemma

All India MD/MS branch selection tips

First all many - many congratulations for securing a seat in one of the most difficult examination
But the battle is not over. The most important decision has to be taken now 

THE SELECTION OF THE RIGHT BRANCH is a very individual specific decision. Most of the times candidates go by the trends set by the other rank holders. If someone higher in rank is opting for pathology others will also go by his decision and pathology will get higher priority. But I must say this is the wrong way of judging the right branch. At this high time, when you have got the ultimate result of your hard work. Don’t go by these trends. Think logically and take decision according to your own preferences

There are some points you should keep in mind before choosing your branch

1. What is your preference…..job or private practice?

2. If job... Your clinical orientation... Clinical or non clinical.

3. If clinical medicinal or surgical?

4. If you are choosing some general clinical branch …. And you want to do the job always keep in mind the importance of further super specialization. Like if you opt for MD (paeds) there is no need of DM… MD alone can be enough but MD (medicine) is not enough…after all for getting a good job you have to be above all.

5. In case of private practice …you have to do the field work before going for the counseling session.Where are you planning to settle for pp. a big city, small town or a rural region?

How many doctors (specialists / super specialists) of the particular branch are present in that region?

Like if you are planning to settle in a small town after doing (plastic surgery)……do you think this is the right decision…. An MD medicine alone will be a better choice than (plastic surgery) in that region.

6. Last but not the least don’t forget to take the opinion of the experts.

 So my dear don’t take any decision which can ruin your career and life for the future … take decisions with all the above points keeping in mind. . Remember this is the almost final and the most crucial decision in the life of any medico. What you choose now will be with you forever.
Best of all 


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I lіkе the helpful info you provіde in yοur aгticles.Nice share and thanks

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