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Tips to crack multiple choice questions ( MCQs )

TIPS TO CRACK Multiple Choice Questions APPLIED FOR ALL MCQS BASED EXAMINATIONS  Dealing with MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS is an art and to get a seat in entrance examinations, you have to be a master in it.  According to my personal experiences I am giving you a few tips that may be of help while attempting the Multiple Choice Entrance Exams.  These tips apply to all the competitions where there is negative marking (up to 1/3rd or ¼Th)  Tip no 1 Try to attempt max questions.  Tip no 2 Give max time to the easiest question. If the first option is a correct one, look at the last option to make sure it is not an "all of the above" option. The same is true for the "none of the above"  Tip no 3 Read every option, even if you are more than 100% sure about the 1st option.  Tip no 4 Try exclusion mechanisms in case of confusion.  Tip no 5 Know anything about the question or the options – leave the question  Tip no 6 can rule out 1 option, try to attempt it.  Tip n

ALIGARH ADMISSIONS 2009 ( part 2 )


The candidate should ensure that he is correctly filling in the Application Form for seeking admission to a particular course in the University during the Academic Session 2009-2010. The prescribed Application Forms and the Guide to Admissions 2009-2010 containing details of courses may be downloaded from amucontrollerexams Website

The Admission Test Fee / Processing Charges (non-refundable) as mentioned against each course is to be remitted through a Cash Receipt in favour of the Finance Officer, AMU, Aligarh through any branch of State Bank of India (SBI) directly to State Bank of India, AMU, Aligarh Branch using C.A/c No 30319186026. The amount can also be remitted from any Bank using SWIFT CODE N0 05555 and C. A/c No 30319186026 SBI AMU, Aligarh Branch. OR through Demand Drafts drawn in favour of Finance Officer, A M U, Aligarh payable at Aligarh. Candidate is required to attach original Cash Receipt / Demand Draft with his / her Application Forms.

Application Form can be sent by Registered Post / Speed Post or through Courier so as to reach up to 5 p.m. on or before the last date to the respective offices as given under the heading “Submission of Application Form”. Incomplete Application Forms, those received late, without requisite fee and not supported with the required certificates / documents shall be rejected and no further correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.

The Special Information Bulletin with prescribed Application Form meant for admission of Non-
Resident Indians / Foreign Nationals are available on the amucontrollerexams Website from 20.03.2009:

The candidate applying for admission to B.A. /BSc. (Hons) Courses in the Faculties of Arts, Social
Sciences, Science, Life Sciences and Women’s College can mention up to maximum of 5 choices of his/her Main subjects in order of preference. The order of preference indicated in the Application Form will not be changed. The following may be noted in this connection:
1. A separate Application Form is required to be submitted for admission to each course except the courses for which a Combined Admission Test is conducted.
2. For M.A. / M.Sc. Courses separate Application Form is required for each subject, as change of
Faculty or Department shall not be permissible.
3. Application Forms complete in all respects should be submitted at the following Offices of this University up to 5 pm on or before the last dates.
1. For Non-Test Courses - Deans of the Faculties
2. For Non-Test Professional Courses - Coordinator, Centre for Professional Courses, A M U Aligarh, 202002
3. For all Test Courses - Deputy Controller (Admissions), Admission Section, AMU, Aligarh, 202002
4. For Courses where admission is based on Departmental Test - Chairman of the concerned Department of Studies/Principal, University Polytechnic / Principal, University Women’s Polytechnic
5. For FEMALE candidates seeking admission to B.A. / B. Sc. / B.Com. (Hons.) Principal, Women’s College, A M U, Aligarh
NOTE: Separate Application Form should be filled for different Faculties.
Application Forms found to be incomplete in any manner or not submitted on prescribed forms and those received after the due date on account of postal delay or otherwise shall not be entertained. No relaxation in the last date shall be granted. The University takes no responsibility for postal delay or non-receipt of Application Forms/Interview Letters,etc. or any other communication related to admissions.

Applicant to various Non-Test Courses is required to submit photocopies of the following certificates duly attested:
1. High School / Secondary School Certificate (S S C Examination)
2. Mark sheets / Grade sheets of qualifying examination.
In case the final result of the qualifying examination has not been declared at the time of filling the Application Form, candidate must submit photocopies of mark sheets / grade sheets of examination passed in the preceding years.

1. Candidates shall submit the copies of mark sheets / grade sheets of both sides.
2. All Internal candidates shall submit their mark sheets including those of Re-evaluation and
Improvement etc. before the specified date.
3. If not mentioned specifically for a course concerned, the candidate may note the following dates
1 All Non-Test Courses - 11.07.2009
2 Test and Departmental Test Courses except B.Ed., BUMS/Pre-Tib, B.E. (Evening) and PG Courses in the Faculties of Medicine and Unani Medicine - At the time of reporting for admission  
3 B. Ed. / BUMS / Pre-Tib - At the time of submission of Application Form
4 PG Courses in the Faculties of Medicine and Unani Medicine - At the time of submission of
Application Form
5 B.E. (Evening) Courses 07.7.2009
6 Diploma in Office Assistantship & Secretarial Practice / Diploma in Costume Design & Garment Technology - 20.06.2009
The closing date for all admissions in the University except MBBS / BDS, PG Courses in the
A faculty of Medicine and Unani Medicine, M. Phil. / Ph. D. and NRIs / Foreign Nationals is 13.8.2009.

Instructions to candidates appearing for Admission Tests
1. The medium of all Tests shall be English, except where a question paper is set in a language other than English.
2. The University reserves the right to make changes in the Admission Test Schedule.
3. Use Ball Point Pen only for making entries in the OMR Answer Sheet.
4. Shade circles completely and uniformly.
5. Read carefully the instructions given in the Question Booklet and complete all entries on the cover page thereof.
6. Put your signature in the place provided on the Question Booklet cover before attempting the questions to answer.
7. You will be given 15 minutes for making entries on the OMR Answer Sheet before the Question Booklet is provided to you.
8. The candidate is required to fold OMR Answer Sheet at the perforation and tear it off after the Admission Test and hand over the original OMR Answer Sheet to the invigilator before leaving the examination hall and take with him/her the carbonless copy of the OMR Answer Sheet and Question Booklet.

Candidates are advised to read “Important Information and Rules” and also to follow guidelines below while filling Application Form.

Fee/Processing Charges
Applicant is required to give details of the amount paid as Admission Test Fee/ Processing Charges viz., Demand Draft / Cash Receipt No., etc. with date and the amount remitted.

Name of the Course applied for
Applicant is required to mention clearly the name of the Course(s) for which he/she is applying. Refer to Table listing the courses offered by the University given for each Faculty. Applicant for Class XI is required to mention the stream Science/Humanities/Commerce in which he/she wishes to be considered.

Name of the Concerned Faculty
Applicant is required to mention clearly the name of the Faculty / Department /
College / School to which he/she wants to seek admission. (Refer to relevant Table for each Faculty).

Examination Centers for Admission Tests
Candidate is required to tick in the column provided in Application Form the name of any one of the Test Centers. (Refer to Item 34 under Important Information & Rules).

The applicant is required to mention whether he/she is an internal or external candidate, strictly in accordance with the definition as outlined under Important Information and Rules.( FOR DEFINITION OF AN INTERNAL STUDENT CLICK HERE)

Enrolment Number
To be provided by an applicant who is already enrolled at A.M.U. or has been a student of this University.
Write M for male and F for female in the Box provided.
Applicant is required to affix (do not staple) recent identical photographs (2.5 cm x 3 cm) not taken before 01.01.2009 in the space provided in the Application Form, Scan Slip and Appendix of Sports / Debater Category. All photographs must be attested except the photograph on Scan Slip.

Name of the Candidate
The applicant is required to write his/her full name exactly as mentioned in his/her High School/ Secondary School Certificate. For example, an applicant’s name, Arif A Khan shall be written in the boxes as:

Date of Birth
The date of birth is required to be given in the Christian era. An applicant born on December 11, 1989 shall enter his/her date of birth as under:
1 1 1 2 1 9 8 9

The nationality of the applicant is required in this column. If the applicant is a citizen of India, he/she shall enter this information as INDIAN.

State / Union Territories of India
Applicants shall write a two-letter Code in this column (Refer to Table I).
Special Category Code Applicant claiming preference in admission is required to write two-letter Code for Special Categories (Refer to Table II).
Order of Preference Applicant is required to mention the order of preference of branches of Study/Course along with the Course Code.
Details of Qualifying Examination
1. Applicant is required to furnish details of the qualifying examination passed by him/her. The percentage of aggregate marks secured at the qualifying examination is required to be given only up to two decimal places.
2. A three-letter code for the name of the Board/University from which the qualifying examination has been passed be mentioned in the relevant column. For Board/University Codes refer to Table III.
3. Mention clearly the subjects offered at the qualifying examination, the maximum marks in each subject and the marks obtained. In case a candidate is applying for admission to a PG Course, Marks obtained and Max. Marks of Main and Subsidiary subjects or the Optional subjects of equal value should be the sum of marks obtained and Max marks of that subject in all the three years at graduation level.
Test Subject for B.Ed. 
Applicant for B.Ed. Course is required to mention the Test Subject and Subject Code in this column.

Details of professional experience
Applicant for B.E. (Evening) Course is required to give details of professional experience/posts held.

Is Hostel Accommodation required? State whether hostel accommodation is required or not.

Thumb Impression of the candidate
The candidate must put his / her Thumb Impression (For male, Left Thumb Impression and for female, Right Thumb Impression)

All entries are essential and any error on the part of candidate is liable to rejection of his/her OMR
Answer Sheet.
Do NOT write anything in the box labeled “FOR INVIGILATOR ONLY” at the top left corner of the
OMR Answer Sheet.
1. NAME OF THE CANDIDATE: Please write your name in English in the squares provided at the top of BOX-1, leaving one square blank between each part of your name.
2. SIGNATURE: Put your signature with date in Box-2, provided at the top right corner of the OMR Answer Sheet using a ball point pen.
3. ID NUMBER: The ID number is 10 digit numeric codes printed on the Admission Test Card. Write this number in the squares provided at the top of BOX-3 of the OMR Answer Sheet and shade the corresponding circles.
4. QUESTION BOOKLET NUMBER: The Question Booklet number is given on the cover of the
Question Booklet supplied to you. Write this number in the squares using ball point pen and shade the corresponding circles in Box-4 on the OMR Answer Sheet
5. QUESTION PAPER SERIES: The question paper series is a one-letter alphabetic code and is indicated on the cover page of your Question Booklet. Enter this information in Box-5 of the OMR
Answer Sheet.
6. STATUS: Indicate your status – whether internal or external – strictly in accordance with the definition outlined under Important Information and Rules in the Guide to Admissions.
7. ROLL NUMBER: Your Roll Number is a six-digit number printed on your Admission Test Card (Admit Card). Enter this number in the squares provided at the top of Box-7 of the OMR Answer Sheet, and shade the corresponding circles.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR MARKING ANSWERS Read carefully all instructions given in the Question Booklet before attempting to answer the questions.
Each question has one correct answer. Choose the answer you think is the most appropriate out of the four choices A, B, C and D. Shade the relevant circle against the corresponding question number on the OMR Answer Sheet.
Use ballpoint pen for shading the circle completely and uniformly to indicate the answer that you think is the most appropriate.
Incorrect answers shall result in a negative score of 25 percent. For instance, if the correct answer to a question would get you one mark, the incorrect answer would take away 0.25 marks.( negative marking)
Selecting more than one answer for a question would result in its being treated as a wrong answer even if one of the choices is correct, and will take away 25% marks.
Please do not make any stray marks on the OMR Answer Sheet.
Do not fold, tear, roll or mutilate your OMR Answer Sheet in any manner.

HELP DESK: Candidates can take help regarding admissions on the following during office Hours (8 a.m. – 10 p.m.)
(a) Telephone No. : 98370-43345, 0571-2700935, 2700906
(b) E-mail: helpdesk@amucontrollerexams.com
(c) University EPABX: 0571-2700920, 2700921, 2700922
The candidates are advised to make enquiries regarding admissions in the concerned Departments / Offices of the University where they have submitted their Application Forms.
Aligarh Muslim University

For more information visit amucontrollerexams Website

also read ALIGARH ADMISSIONS 2009 ( part 1)


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