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Tips to crack multiple choice questions ( MCQs )

TIPS TO CRACK Multiple Choice Questions APPLIED FOR ALL MCQS BASED EXAMINATIONS  Dealing with MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS is an art and to get a seat in entrance examinations, you have to be a master in it.  According to my personal experiences I am giving you a few tips that may be of help while attempting the Multiple Choice Entrance Exams.  These tips apply to all the competitions where there is negative marking (up to 1/3rd or ¼Th)  Tip no 1 Try to attempt max questions.  Tip no 2 Give max time to the easiest question. If the first option is a correct one, look at the last option to make sure it is not an "all of the above" option. The same is true for the "none of the above"  Tip no 3 Read every option, even if you are more than 100% sure about the 1st option.  Tip no 4 Try exclusion mechanisms in case of confusion.  Tip no 5 Know anything about the question or the options – leave the question  Tip no 6 can rule out 1 option, try to attempt it.  Tip n

PMT/IIT JEE - Role of coaching / tuitions

Every student who prepares for pre medical or IIT JEE entrance examinations

joins some coaching in his preparation days .

Its not a bad thing rather

it’s good because if you think you are not able to do it yourself

there is no harm in taking advice from the experts.

Coaching classes are very important as a guidance tool for

what to study,

how to study and above all

how to perform better in the tests .

it also gives you an opportunity to under go many mock tests on a routine basis. these tests always keep your preparation at the highest standard .

It gives you a time bound plan of your studies
but my dear

god helps only those who help themselves.

I remember when I joined
as my coaching institute.

My father asked the head person there about my chances of selection in pre medical test
he told him

“sir this institute is helpful only for brilliant students.
"If you come here walking, it can make you run fast, but if you are standing still, it can even freeze you there”.

So joining a very reputed coaching institute is not enough only

you have to work hard to get maximum benefit out of it.

Hard work is our part only

and there is no shortcut to it,

coaching institutes can only work as a guide.

Before joining any coaching classes take some important points in mind like reviews from the selected candidates,

any friend of you who joined and got selected can tell you about all the pros and cons of joining that institute.

Even after joining the institute don’t miss a single lecture or class.

The best way to get a strong start

is to complete all assignments, reading, understanding etc before the main class

Make yourself familiar with the concept before the main lecture then attend it and take thorough notes,

followed by reviewing and editing your notes as soon as possible after the lecture

This way you can get a better understanding of the concept and your main lecture will only work as a revision of the topic.

And this way you will also go far ahead of your colleagues.

always take regular tests very seriously and positively.

These test series can tell you about your preparation standard.

Mind you,No preparation is complete without a good test.

One more benefit of regular tests is you can have a healthy competition with your batch mates.

Always try to get 1st position in your batch.

Dear there are about 20-25 batches in a good coaching institute and each batch has about 40-50 students.

so a total of about 1000 students at a time

and you know what that institute requires only 1 -2 students from each batch to get selected in any test to cover the whole page of a news paper .

so dear the bottom line is, only the first position holders of any batch has got the max chances of selection
i was the throughout topper(about 7-8 times out of about 12 times) of my batch

and finally i was also the only one to get selected ,

so always try to be the topper of your batch .

If you want coaching in a particular subject only search for the best teacher of the subject and get all your concepts clear.

My dear

Competition is quite fierce these days and a casual approach to any subject or topic is not going to help.

But if u plan properly and keep a balance in your preparation,

there is no reason that you can’t make it.

Best of luck
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  1. the articles are inspiring.please tell me how i should get the most out of the very less time left for AIIMS 2009.

  2. there is about 2 1/2 months left for AIIMS MBBS Entrance Test 2009 ( to be held on 01.06.2009). At this point you should go through all your notes again and again ( rapid revisions is the key here) and try to solve all the available previous year papers so that you can have a feel of the trend .
    and my dear try to utilize each and every bit of the time left. don't waste a single second.
    i will soon publish a article over this issue so keep in touch , better subscribe by email .

  3. Friendly tuition centres - There are several tutorial institutes that have mushroomed across the city, many actually providing the necessary support to students aiming to appear for entrance exams as a step to enrolling for a professional course. (It is a pertinent question to ask if any of them are monitored by the education department). With the size and reputation that they have built over the years, students expect a certain level of professionalism in their dealings. However, as a student, it would not be amiss to exercise some caution.

    My son had enrolled at one such institute, the Friends Tuition Centre (FTC), East of Kailash, New Delhi, attending classes for around a year while he was in the 10th. After his Board exams, he was uncertain on whether he would be taking up science or commerce stream in the 11th. FTC suggested that he enroll for their QUEST program for science students and in the event he decided on taking commerce, his fee of Rs. 19,000 would be refunded. This conversation with the Institute was in February this year. My son opted for commerce and approached the institute last month requesting for a refund of the fee. He has been promised a refund in December.

    A letter sent to FTC by me recording this conversation and requesting a formal confirmation remains unacknowledged. For now, we have nothing but a recorded conversation on my mobile wherein an official of the institute has agreed to the refund.

    Will come back with a status in December!!

  4. Very nice post . it is very useful ful iit jee students or pre medical students who are preparing pre exams. It will be helpful.

  5. For success in entrance exam we need to join coaching

  6. can i study both iit and pmt sould i start coaching for both or just take pmt or iit alone im full onconfused?

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  9. hi,

    Thanx for sharing Information....!!!

    A very interesting Blog for IIT/JEE/PMT Students.

    Best Study Material for IIT


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